• 20-05-2022

The significance of proper packaging in an ocean freight shipment

Have you known about expert packing? And what is the importance of expert packing?

In this article, we are heading to discuss on significance of expert packing

In simple terms, export packing is adding a different external protective border to guarantee your goods arrive at their destination in good state. This can be as simple as providing a custom-made pallet to ensure the product, right up to making a fully possessed customized wooden case with the contents retained in a foil vacuum bag. Most cargo is handled numerous times during its journey and needs to be save from the associated hazards, with the majority of damage occurring during the handling process. As an exporter, your firm depends on the safe transportation of products to the end customer. If your goods are damaged during the shipping approach, you could eventually be responsible for the cost of refunding the customer and setting the return shipment of the damaged items. In many cases, this will need the contribution of a professional logistics company that specializes in export packing and case making, and which knows the bespoke packing requirements for all types of cargo. The client may also opt to reorder from a competition, leave a negative review and tell others about their experience; affecting your reputation and ability to attract new customers. The best way to protect your cargo from damage is to ensure it is packed securely and to the standards required for specific product types.

There are some essential reasons why secure packing is so essential for enterprises that export their goods to overseas markets. A well-made packing case totally covers the contents from prying eyes, is very hard to get into, and will deter the opportunist thief. Good-quality export packing cover your cargo from the rigors of multiple handling, it also reduces the chances of pilferage. Additional packing material can be used inside the container to guarantee every item remains firmly in place throughout its journey, reducing the risk of physical damage or breakage. Depending on the individual customs requirements, there are a range of methods to protect cargo from water and moisture ingress. This ranges from a basic water-resistant lining to enclosing the cargo in a sealed vacuum bag with desiccant prior to packing in a fully enclosed case, with a waterproof membrane added to the exterior of the case.

Cargoes can suffer physical damage when subject to imperfect handling, exposure to the components, and unpredictable movement. In addition to robust packaging, we can also provide foam linings, airbags, and cushioning.

If your goods are not packed correctly, you’re opening your supply chain to a great deal of risk – including both delays ad extra costs.

The three primary risks that can occur include:

  • Cargo reaches shattered.

    To minimise risks of this, we recommend booking marine insurance when arranging the shipment with your forwarder.

  • Cargo can become hazardous for transport.

    If your goods aren’t packed properly, they may damage other people’s cargo. They may also injure personnel who are handling the container or cargo.

  • Cargo may be refused by carriers.

    If your goods arrive to the port of origin with poor packing, the carrier might refuse to load it onto their vessel. This ultimately leads to added costs and delays for you.