• 04-05-2022

Why is post-purchase evaluation essential for the customer?

Contacting individuals to buy from your brand for the first time can be one of the significant challenges an eCommerce business will face. Getting that person to return to your online store and make repeat purchases can be equally as difficult.

Did you know How to improve your post-purchase experience?

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Welcome new customers with a promo or discount.

While your first-time customers wait for their orders to arrive, send them a promotion or discount offer as a way to nudge them toward future purchases. You can do so by sending a welcome email and even pairing it with SMS for maximum engagement.

Create a loyalty or rewards program.

Your checkout page is a great space to kick off a good post-purchase experience. What better way to get customers excited about their orders, plus incentivize them for future purchases than by creating a loyalty or rewards program?

The best part is that you don’t have to create these programs yourself. There are already plenty of loyalty management tools available today that can easily integrate with your online store. Listed below are some of the top ones based on customer satisfaction, features, and ease of use:

  • Smile
  • Yotpo
  • LevelUp
  • Belly
  • Fivestars

Give customers the option of email and SMS

The gold standard in eCommerce has always been to send out order confirmation emails immediately following a purchase. While this is still effective today, you could turn it up a notch by pairing email with SMS and giving customers the option to opt-in for both communications. With consumers on their phones now more than ever, SMS has emerged as top marketing, sales, and customer service channel. In fact, 79% of consumers said in a recent survey that they’d be open to interacting with brands via SMS, and most said they’d choose SMS over email.

How post-purchase engagement benefits organizations

Customer loyalty

A big difference in customer loyalty is seen when the engagement starts even before the purchase occurs. Customers, especially millennials, look for great customer service. Today, with the advancement of technology, it has become very easy to strike a chord with your customers. One big development in this field is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in giving your customers a great service experience.

A lot of e-commerce websites use chatbots to engage with their customers. This allows them to guide their customers throughout the shopping process whilst ensuring that they leave with a positive experience. According to research, 63% of the customers said they will return to a website that offers live chat support.

Enhanced consumer advocacy

The next phase in a customer’s post-purchase journey is advocacy. Here, the customers morph into marketers. They begin recommending a product, that they are happy and satisfied with, to their loved ones and in their friend circle. This helps a brand in growing its customer base and business.

Improved trademark equity

Positive word of mouth and constant interaction of a customer with the brand in the digital media space results in an increase in awareness about the brand and gives a lift to its perceived image. This then eventually leads to an increase in brand equity.Positive interaction between you and your customer also leads to an increase in the worth of the intellectual and physical properties of the brand. Thus, resulting in increased brand worth.

Creating a process

A relevant marketing strategy that projects the right brand image of the company to its customers and strives to provide the best customer experience will benefit the organization greatly. Tracking the right metrics and providing the right experience must be based on the customer journey and must keep the multiple touchpoints during that journey in mind.