• 10-11-2021

Easy Cartel Rules for packaging in Logistics Companies

Without any fear of flouting cartel rules, every packaging and logistics company may soon be able to cooperate on green projects.

That was the great news said by the European Union’s Antitrust Chief, Margrethe Vestager on Friday during an event in Helsinki.

Under EU cartel rules, companies that plan to illegally fix the prices or share markets can face fines up to 10% of their global turnover.

To break out of that pattern, companies in that market might need to help, to get to a more stable, more sustainable equilibrium.

In such cases, the commission wants to provide legal certainty that they will not fall foul of the EU’s rules on cartels,” she added.

Vestager said she will inform the ongoing reviews and updates of various competition rules.

A commission spokesperson said the EU antitrust chief will give guidance on EU competition policy on 17 November.

Vestager confirmed the commission will loosen state aid rules to allow EU countries to subsidise energy, climate, and environment projects, in line with the European Commission’s goal of greening the bloc’s economy.