• 08-11-2021

Customs Clearance: World Wide Importing & Exporting

The transportation industry is one of the growing and huge industries in the UAE and other GCC countries. It gives a big share to the country. There are many transportation companies that are smoothly operated in many cities of the UAE.

SKY OCEAN is one of the leading competitors providing limitless logistics solutions for limitless growth. We make sure to provide trouble-free shipping services to our customers all around the world.

Have you worried about the transportation requirements of your business or anything else?

You can use our modern freight and logistics solutions for modern problems. Extensive range of transportation through Air, Land, Ocean layout the easiest ways to fulfil your shipment from the palm of your hand to any destination. One of the most important advantages of ocean freight is its safety. The ship's design can safely and reliably transport hazardous or dangerous products in maritime freight.

You all know only a few transport companies assist their customers if they have any issues. Our expert team handles the storage and packaging services and also accommodate the custom with custom clearance issues.

The business and corporation that requires international transportation should look for secure and authentic shipping companies that offer all the better logistics services to avoid any inconvenience. Our team at sky ocean is highly trained and educated to identify all the present and expected problems on time and fix them to assist systematic shipping

As international trade demands enough professional and literate freight forwarding companies who have a brief knowledge of legislation, exchange rates, pricing, customs, insurance, foreign policies, and are able to generate all the required documents needed at different borders and origins.

So you don't want any confusion to choose the better transportation company for your shipment. We always bring all the necessary documents for assistance in assembling all the necessary documents, legally attested copies that need to cross borders, NOCs, and go through foreign policies for trading. Today, we have bought an amazing transformation in the shipping industry. We ship almost and everything from anywhere to everywhere.

If you are looking for some efficient shipping companies in Dubai to move your package, then take the phone and male the ring us anytime. Our online customer service is available round the clock.

We love to take challenges rather than take risks. SKY OCEAN offers packaging and storage of all the products including items that need to be stored under specific temperatures. Our large storage rooms equipped with the latest technology operated by our experts are perfect to store bulk orders. We understand your needs and value your demands, therefore, we make sure to provide you with the best of everything.

Our expert team are available for free shipping consultations and assist you in choosing the most reasonable transportation plan for you. And takes care of its clients at every step and serves them with the latest technology available. Our customs clearance team will take care of all the preparation and submission of essential documents that can get your goods safely transferred across boundaries. Stringent customs clearance is critical to ensure the smooth import and export of goods across places. It is up to the freight forwarding companies in UAE to put the best customs clearance services in place. This is why we offer expert custom brokers who are specialized in brokerage services and who will take care of all the taxes, duties and excise requirements on behalf of the client.

  • Licensed customs exerts well versed in the latest update of rules and regulations
  • Import custom clearance
  • Export customs clearance
  • Customs transit documentation