• 23-04-2022

How can you add value to your brand?

The idea of value-added selling has been a famous one for several years. In today's market place where so many outcomes and benefits are viewed as a commodity, the capacity to add value to your brand is a complete essential. There is no doubt that in the absence of value-added components virtually any product or service can be driven down to the bottom line - price. The problem? When you are only selling price you'll never be able to sell any degree of high margin sales and that is where profitability, long-term growth & sales success resides.

How can we add value to our products or services?

Did you think about it?

Have you any idea?

Let's dive into the effective ways that add value to your products and services.

Service levels

You can differentiate yourself not only by delivering a higher level of service but by counting different levels of service based upon someone's size, frequency or amount of purchase.

Recognition and reward levels

This is fairly distinct from frequent buyer programs in that with this particular idea behind value-added you provide recognition to clients or customers based upon their ability to utilize your product or service, maximize its potential, buy certain levels from you, etc. What this means is that they are recognized for being outstanding customers. Several years ago we included a Hall of Fame in our newsletter and we had lots of buyers very interested in emerging and becoming a part of our Hall of Fame. It's a fantastic way to use right connections and good will.

Frequent buyer programs

This is linked into the vision that the more someone buys from you the more valuable service, pricing, benefits and related items they receive. It is fairly like frequent flyer miles with an airline. I know people who fly thousands of miles out of their way to stay on one individual airline only because they want to build up the miles.

Speed of service or delivery

One of the ways to distinguish yourself is to secure some sort of on time or quicker delivery. It is very well known and accepted that on time delivery is a key component for charging full or top pricing. It is also a component as it relates to providing value-added services and products.

Qualitative preference

Based upon someone's level of investment, involvement or interaction, you provide higher quality of products, perhaps a more refined level of service, reliable personnel, trustworthy phone lines, fax lines, or the like, that gives them a greater chance to be treated satisfactorily than the run of the mill customer occurs to be. You may even be able to use this for introductory customers as a value-added segment.