• 14-05-2022

Things to know to ship from China to Qatar, Doha

Do you what are the factors that you have to consider Before Shipping from China to Doha?

Let's start with that!

Choosing the best shipping agency to handle industrial and standard cargo is not an effortless task. So, it is better to consider the factors below before making any certain decisions on the forwarders to work within the PRC and Qatar.

Qatar is an Arab country in southwest Asia. It is encountered on the Qatar Peninsula on the southwest coast of the Persian Gulf. It borders the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and has a coastline of 550 kilometers. Hamad is the port of Qatar, formerly known as the Doha New Port, which opened in December 2016. The approximate voyage from Shenzhen to Qatar is about 23 days. Qatar is very sandy and incredibly rich, regularly ranked as the richest country in the world. The small nation sits on the western coast of the Persian Gulf, home to around 2.7 million people who nearly all live in urban areas.

The original commercial invoice with the head and seal of the consignor’s company is required. The original commercial invoice must be certified by the China Chamber of Commerce and endorsed by the Qatar Embassy in China. Commercial invoice content contains invoice number and date, product value, product unit price, currency (currency), quantity, net weight, gross weight, place of origin, certificate of the chamber of commerce, embassy endorsement, and shipping terms. The original registered ocean bill of lading. When clearing customs, the bill of lading must be approved and marked, and the above original papers must be submitted. Any preliminary papers will be subject to the customs class at 1% of the CIF price or 500 yuan Qatar.

If you need to ship your belongings over to Qatar, there are two main choices to pick between; air freight and sea freight. For quick delivery, air freight is most suitable. Cargo planes will typically take between 2-3 days to reach Qatar from anywhere in the world, so it’s very practical if you’re moving in a hurry. Air freight is also very costly, but fortunately, there is a cheaper alternative available. Sea freight generally costs around five times less than air freight, so it’s a much more affordable option for international movers. Container ships are slower than cargo planes but schedule your move well in advance and this won’t be a problem. If you do go for sea freight, your belongings will be shipped in either a 20ft or a 40ft container. The customs process can seem rather difficult but shipping suppliers will assist you all the way. You are needed to create an inventory of everything you plan to bring into Qatar, being as clear and accurate as possible. Customs officials will physically inspect your container, so your inventory must be truthful. You are permitted to import your household goods and personal effects into Qatar duty-free, but the goods must be utilized and you must have a valid residence visa. Otherwise, the typical duty rate is 5% of an item’s value.

So, to choose the best cargo companies in Dubai, you have to get to know each of these systems. A professional company is the one that designates the proper transportation approach based on the nature of your products and not the overall fees. Sky Ocean Shipping is one of the most experienced shipping and logistics companies in the UAE that deliver freight over the world. We work with all of the international airports and seaports in Qatar. Plus, we offer every possible transfer system to any city in this country.