• 03-03-2022

Auto Shipping Services: Sky Ocean Shipping

We are responsible to our customers, partners, and employees. Everything we do reflects our image. So, we strive to project a reliable and professional appearance. This can only be done if we lead by example from top management. Our employees strive to take care of our customers by demonstrating an ability to solve problems and come to favorable resolutions. This assures the prosperity of our customers and therefore the success of our company.

We provide shipping, clearing, and forwarding solutions to our clients for their import and export requirements. Our friendly, professional staff will discuss your shipment with you to ensure that we can offer you and your customers’ needs. We continue to take pride in providing a professional and award-winning portfolio of services that are reliable, time-sensitive, cost-effective, and tailored to the unique requirements of our customers.

Sky Ocean Shipping is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all our business dealings, and suppliers will be expected to show that theory has values and policies similar to our own

We handle most types of goods, including automotive/marine, industrial, and construction equipment, home furnishings, fine art, toys, giftware, FMCG's, electrical and audio/visual products, personal and household effects, exhibition/live event & touring cargo, and much more. Demonstrating our expert knowledge of local and overseas markets and routes, we offer our customers professional, flexible, fast, and efficient solutions geared to their specific needs.

  • Complete sea freight export & import documentation, consolidations, and handling.
  • Letter of Credit presentations.
  • Cargo insurance coverage. Warehouse/packing/inventory/storage/ bonded
  • Hand transportation to airport or seaport of choice.
  • Courier services-domestic shipping and distribution services.
  • Air & Ocean import Bonded.
  • Warehousing and Trucking Services.
  • Logistics Solutions.

Sky Ocean guarantees seamless auto shipping services for cargo companies in Dubai. We offer the perfect solutions to transport your car, truck, SUVs, or any other vehicle safely to any location with zero extra costs or complications. We analyze the auto shipping needs of our clients and offer well-developed solutions that do not compromise the consistency and quality of auto-delivery. We make proper door-to-door cargo deliveries so that you don’t have to worry about retrieving your automobile from anywhere else.

When you choose to ship a car with Sky Ocean Shipping, you are paired with a dedicated shipping coordinator to help you navigate the paperwork, scheduling, and billing from start to finish. Your coordinator will help you understand your pickup, shipping, and delivery options and work with you to schedule load and delivery times.

Door to Door Unless you specify otherwise, all Sky Ocean car shipping quotes are presumed to be door-to-door. This means whenever possible; our driver will pick up and deliver your vehicles at your residence, office, or any other place you designate.

Terminal to Terminal Many movers prefer auto shipping terminals because they allow for flexible drop-off and storage before and after transportation. Discuss your Terminal-to-terminal car shipping options with your Sky Ocean Shipping coordinator when obtaining quotes and out if a shipping terminal is convenient for you.

Door to Door Cargo Services

  • Door to door services of your automobile unless otherwise specified
  • Terminal to terminal car shipping options
  • Dedicated shipping coordinator to assist you
  • flexibility and control over pickup and delivery options
  • Enclosed carrier shipping