• 03-12-2021

How to Improve Customer Experience By 3PL

Companies use third-party logistics providers to outsource logistics purposes that are not core activities. Suppliers that concentrate on logistics can often perform shipment and warehousing services at lower cost and with superior outcomes than companies using in-house operations. When a company can get high logistics service levels from suppliers, it can improve customer satisfaction with its products while relying on satisfactory order achievement by third parties. 3PL also gives you access to real-time data about your inventory. If an item is running low, you can quickly order more. It means customers aren’t purchasing items that you don’t have in stock and you can quickly and effectively replenish your supplies, making sure you can always meet demand.

Let look at the important tips on how 3PL will improve customer experience

Be available to customers.

The best ability is availability. If your customer reaches you, it's usually because they have a problem and think you're the person to fix it. If they can't find you, they'll find someone else to solve their problem.

Use technology to your advantage.

When it comes to using technology to enhance the customer experience, the sky is the limit. Think about how technology can simplify your customers' day-to-day transactions and give them peace of mind. A great example is a customer portal—a centralized location for your customers to see pricing and order status, and pay invoices in real-time. This transparency helps create a true partnership by building trust between you and your customers.

Understand that good customer service is a continuous learning process.

Pay attention to your customers' experience by asking where you can improve. Collect the feedback and create a monthly training and development course for your team. Include some basic customer service tips on active listening and conflict resolution to drive home a comprehensive customer experience.


The increased resources available to third party logistics providers allow you to evaluate how to better satisfy your customers with higher service levels. If you wanted to use next day delivery as a competitive advantage, you could explore the possibilities and the costs with your logistics provider, who has the resources to achieve such strategic approaches. If you wanted to try just-in-time deliveries for materials you need, your logistics provider can adapt to such requests. A more flexible supply chain lets you react more quickly to changes in customer needs and results in more satisfied customers.

Up-To-Date Tracking And Reporting

With deliveries leaving from a central, state-of-the-art location, it’s possible for your customers to track the progress of their order. It’s a great value-add for eCommerce businesses looking to offer their customers real-time information about the status of their shipment. It’s also an important way to keep customers informed of any unforeseen problems that may delay their order.