• 05-12-2021

How to protect your high-risk goods

Truckloads deliver high demand goods such as medical supplies, food and beverage products, and essential household goods. Historically, cargo thieves targeted freight such as electronics, apparel, pharmaceuticals, and other obvious high-value items. Recently, truckloads of personal protective equipment (PPE) and consumer packaged goods are being targeted and stolen while in transit. While these items were not obvious high-risk items a few months ago, the impact of the pandemic has increased the need for these products– as well as the risk for their theft.

How can you protect your goods and ensure the safety of your high-value, high-risk (HV/HR) shipments during this pandemic situation? Let's look!

There is no one-size-fits-all explanation for saving HV/HR loads. We use the latest technology and collaborate with shippers, carriers, and law enforcement to spot cargo theft trends, assess risk, and develop effective loss prevention techniques to protect your goods.
Sky Ocean offers complete, tailored solutions and services based on various factors, including risk tolerance, the commodity, and specific lanes. We take the time to comprehend your challenges and then deploy the people, processes, and technology to achieve your goals
Our experts ensure the safety of your high-risk shipments.
There are several elements to develop a solid security plan. Therefore your load hits the road safely with us.

Dedicated Risk Management Team: Our experienced team is solely focused on developing and executing your customized cargo security plan.

Enhanced Compliance Screening: Our HV/HR carriers undergo a rigorous additional level of compliance screening. Compliance is based on performance, and carriers can be removed from the HV/HR-approved list at any time.

Proven Processes: Approved HV/HR carriers are flagged in GlobalTranz’s TMS, to ensure only approved carriers move HV/HR loads. In addition, every HV/HR load is flagged in our TMS to systematically ensure the proper security protocols are followed every time.

Security Devices: We have a range of active and passive security devices that are selected based on your security plan, including vibration sensors, geo-fencing, tamper alarms, temperature monitoring, remote paging, light sensors, and more.

A+ Rated Insurance: Unlike many logistics companies, GlobalTranz maintains a shipper’s interest cargo insurance policy that insures the property being transported rather than the broker’s or carrier’s liability for loss and damage.” Our cargo insurer is rated A+ by AM Best.

Key Relationships: We have strong relationships with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and industry groups.