• 21-11-2021

White-Glove Services in Transportation Management?

Imagine transferring furniture, appliances or a large, high-value item to assure it’s safely delivered in pristine condition. That’s the summary of white-glove services evolution & it’s another piece of the transportation terminology puzzle.

White glove services are the assistance granted in transportation authority that goes beyond the standard expectations for delivery. While a consumer may be pleased with seeing a package sitting on the front doorstep when returning home, it is at an added risk. The package could be stolen, or the package’s contents could perish. They must go beyond the standard delivery in transportation management, and consumers are pushing this trend forward. White glove shipping may include these particular services and solutions:

  • Home delivery that involves assembly, installation and setup.
  • Retail fulfilment for businesses that lack a dock or other traditional means of accepting shipments.
  • Inventory replenishment for businesses that need delivery in combination with restocking or setup of new fixtures for such inventory.

Products that require white-glove service are those that cannot be easily dropped off at the doorstep. Refrigerators, large household appliances, furniture, and expensive electronics are examples. If not handled with the utmost care and attention during delivery, these products could be damaged or not used properly by customers.

White glove services in last-mile logistics can be challenging to get right because it involves meeting elevated consumer expectations and requires the ability to interact with drivers and consumers throughout a shipment’s journey.

Since last-mile delivery of products that require white glove services tends to reflect high-price point items, shippers should reduce the risks associated with delivering such products. Thoroughly vetting all final mile service providers used and only working with those that have been properly trained and equipped is critical.

is all about creating the most tailored and specific deliveries possible. In today’s age, everything is based on technology. Smart appliances, smart systems, home theatres and more are changing the customer experience. And carriers must adapt, offering tailored delivery, installation and setup and even debris haul-away. That’s where white-glove means going the extra mile in the final mile. It’s important to know how white-glove services and transportation management go together.