• 09-11-2021

Why choose SKY OCEAN for Freight Shipping?

Did you think about the scope of the Freight and Logistics industry in this world?
Have you ever discussed the future of this industry?

Readout this! You got the answers to all your questions.

The Freight and Logistics Market in UAE is valued at around 20 USD billion and is expected to reach USD 31.41 billion in 2026. Today UAE freight and logistics market has been growing steadily, and it maintains the steady growth of e-commerce across the region and rising international trade.

During the COVID-19 pandemic situation, this industry was suffered many issues with road freight due to sealing of borders and air freight due to flight cancellation being the major sufferers. Moreover, the industry is gradually recovered from the transport restrictions and now going forward without any issues. The logistics and freight industry will play a major role in the UAE market. Hence, expected to lead to vertical market growth in the future.

Strategic location between Asia and Europe in Dubai, serves both the East and the West, providing optimum trading conditions for the Emirate. To facilitate the trade and e-commerce market in UAE, Dubai has implemented some initiatives for the development of its infrastructure and technology, to implement a well-integrated transport system and excellent logistics infrastructure.

According to the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority, the logistics sector in the country contributes 8% to the UAE economy by 2021. Freight and logistics refer to the transportation of goods in the domestic, as well as international via various modes of transportation that includes air, rail, and roadways.

The market is segmented by Function includes Freight Transport, Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, and Value-added Services and Other Services. There are many logistics forwarders available in the UAE for handling the proper transportation of goods. Because the scope and the future of logistics are high.

When options are many it is very difficult to choose the best right? But you have to choose the better logistics solution according to your requirements.

We are one of the leading shipping and logistics companies in the UAE that operate in the Middle East and locations worldwide. We are renowned for our unique capabilities in international freight transportation in GCC countries. Be it sea, air or road- Sky Ocean guarantees our clients secure and timely delivery of their precious cargo. Every time On time is our agenda and our team work hard to implement that without any fails. You get to enjoy the best of logistics service features including complete air, sea and land freight export/import consolidations, documentation and handling. Enjoy unparalleled cargo insurance coverage, letter of credit presentations, inland transportation choices, courier services, warehousing & distribution services, trucking, relocation services, customs clearance etc. from the best freight forwarders in Dubai.

We hold fast to our ethics of justifying the highest standards in all areas of services promised. Being one of the top freight forwarders in Dubai, our core values are not be compromised under any circumstances. Sky Oceans take pride in our capabilities and believe that competence should always be complemented with values and policies that keep us on the right track. We are endowed with a truly talented team of experts who are friendly, professional and highly observant of our client needs. We make use of an intelligent combination of our tools, resources, networks and expertise to produce the most efficient solutions. Freight forwarding in Dubai requires the assistance of a global network that is powerful enough to meet the local, national and international regulatory compliance and individual logistics needs. There are always two primary factors that need to be addressed with urgency in all logistics transport cases- minimised delays and maximised accuracy. Our team is designed to deliver full productivity in both the major freight service labels as well as value-added services. We ensure complete supremacy in all our advertised utilities including air to air, sea to air and land to air/sea movements, custom clearances, automobile shipping, relocation, warehousing and consolidated services. Your standard freight management services are securely fulfilled with advanced options for our clients to choose from.